About us

When the pandemic struck, I found myself staring at screens for several hours every day. I felt the urge to engage in something effective and started a vegetable garden in my front yard. I began with growing simple vegetables like onions, tomatoes, chilies, and coriander for these were easily available at home.

I was thrilled when the shoots first appeared. I got more engrossed. My neighbors and my brother started assisting me and within a month, I could see my hard work bear fruit, in this case vegetables. 

Here’s when the idea behind Planting Hopes was implanted in my mind. With the pandemic in full swing and with most people working from home, my idea turned into a neighborhood project. Everyone was contributing, sharing ideas, and planting vegetables in their tiny gardens.

I decided to help some people in need in my vicinity with the vegetables I was growing in my garden.

Starting my own vegetable garden brought me closer to my community. Gardening also gave me a sense of inner peace and calm. I loved how my small acts connected me with Mother Earth and my neighbours.


Empower underprivileged women to start and maintain vegetable gardens to lead self-sustainable lives and help and inspire others in need. We all can bring about change…all it takes is a determination to make change happen!


 Educating underprivileged women and helping them become self-sufficient.