The Hope Squad

Nisha Pathak, Founder

Nisha is a true embodiment of all-around excellence, harnessing her willingness to take on all opportunities that come her way. Nisha enjoys indulging her free spirit in dance and art. Her dedication towards football led her to form the first-ever girls’ football team in her school, marking her stance as a national-level football player. Additionally, as the multifaceted talent that she is, Nisha does not let anything distract her from staying on top of her academic life. Nisha is truly an inspiration, and she can be found sharing her passion as a TEDxKids Speaker and Vice President of NMS Girl Up.

Kovidh Dhediya, Finance Manager

The best way to introduce
The best way to introduce Kovidh would be by saying that he is incredibly passionate about economics. His subtle sense of humor can initiate even the most frowning faces to laugh.
Kovidh smothers people with queries and questions but only because he believes in delivering his work perfectly! His favourite series is Harry Potter and yes, he strongly resembles Harry with those glasses. He loves to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S in his free time and has a love for cricket and spends hours watching and playing the sport.
A hard-working and life-loving person who tries to enjoy every moment of life to the fullest.

Prisha Poddar, Finance head

With a keen interest in Economics, Business Management and Sustainable Development, Prisha Poddar aims to make a social impact in her community through these fields, by leading and being part of various initiatives such as running a Microfinance organisation and establishing her own ethical consumerism startup.

Team Members

Navya Bhardwaj

Navya is an enterprising young woman interested in the world around her. As a pragmatic soul, she is interested in understanding why things are a certain way, what needs to be mended, and how one should go about it. Driven by the desire to create profound life-changing moments in not only hers but also other people’s lives, she constantly strives to look at life through different lenses to uncover what may help many and leave an indelible mark.


Sarthak Mehra

Already seeing the world through the eyes of an economist, Sarthak is an IBDP-1 student and an economics enthusiast. He likes wandering new places and brainstorming different ideas.

Udita Bansal

A student at NMS since her Kindergarten days, Udita is a baker by heart. Hardworking and consistent in her life, she is ready to take up new challenges and give her 100%. An entrepreneurship enthusiast, she wants to pursue a major in fields like business management and economics. A food and dessert lover, she loves trying out new and different cuisines and comes to love them. With a growing passion for baking, she started a baking blog and a small-business initiative.

devansh dhabhai

Devansh Dhabhai

Devansh Dhabhai is a current high school senior who has a keen interest in physics. In his free time, he loves to dabble in botany and attend to his own micro-greens patch at home. Devansh has a green thumb and considers spending time around plants to be a means to destress and appreciate the nature around us. He is also interested in devising an interface between Physics and Botany and is very passionate about furthering this goal through Planting Hopes.

nirmal pathak

Nirmal Pathak

Nirmal Pathak is a high school student in Neerja Modi School, who has interest in Economics.  He’s a good in games like Swimming, Football and Basketball. He spends his free time in learning new things

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 Divya Aswani

Hi! I’m Divya, a 17-year-old teenager who loves human beings. Anything about human behaviour, history, expression or community intrigues me. I’m also very interested in gender and feminism. Empowerment through nutrition is an essential part of my wish to help empower underprivileged women in our community.